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QUAT²RO® Remote

Digital maintenance with our QUAT²RO® Remote saves your time and your money.

In the event of a fault, all HAVER & BOECKER systems can be serviced promptly, cost-savingly and digitally with the QUAT²RO® Remote and many problems can be solved at short notice.

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Jörg Große Stetzkamp
+49 (0) 2522 30 564


Spare part analysis

The best protection against unexpected downtime is the regular use of original spare parts!

The regular use of original spare parts reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and extends the life cycle of your packing system.

Your contact:
Rolf Vosslöcker
+49 (0) 2522 30 8447



We have turned a necessity into a benefit and offer our training courses worldwide in the form of webinars.

With professional online training courses on all aspects of HAVER & BOECKER products, your employees are well educated for the machine operation.

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Oliver Niesing
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Videochat by HAVER & BOECKER

Wear parts analysis 

... and recording via video chat

We carry out the analysis and the recording of wear parts with you and your team already mobile with the Smartphone or AR glasses. That is sustainable and just clever!

Let us advise you now on mobile spare parts recording.

Your contact:
Rolf Vossloecker
+49 (0)2522 30-8447

Where is digitization particularly worthwhile?

These are the questions put to our digitization expert Andreas Hansow.

Our customers are asking themselves how they can record, evaluate and use their machine data digitally. They want to understand their processes and, in the next step, simplify, optimize and automate them. They want to know and exploit the entire potential of their plant

In the simplest case, the machine operator keeps a data record sheet. A list hangs next to the control panel and he writes down downtimes and malfunctions. At the end of the shift, he reads the bag counter and determines the number of bags that were discharged. It is certainly a great challenge to record as accurately as possible the replacement of wear parts that come into contact with the product.

That's right, I see enormous potential here. Every day millions of data are generated at various points along the production and packing process. With digital solutions, these data are recorded and saved. We learn to understand them and draw conclusions that benefit the perfect flow - for example when it comes to performance, wear, weight accuracy and availability. Very valuable!

Our customers implement certain measures based on the data. This minimizes downtime, reduces costs or increases performance. And these are precisely the advantages of digitalization. Data are collected, processed in a special way and used for further optimized application.

I'll give you an example: During initial installation, we use our experience to set threshold values for maintenance and replacement intervals for the most important wear parts. This allows every customer to start securely and reliably. Should the end of the interval be foreseeable, every customer automatically receives a message in good time and so is able to plan the replacement of parts in advance. Over time each customer can adjust the threshold values and in this way optimize the replacement intervals. One clear advantage: he no longer has to keep manual lists of when each component has to be serviced.

Personally, primarily all parts that come into contact with the product that is being filled, i.e. sealing parts such as the connector tube, scissor tube, bearings, etc., and also assemblies that have a long service life. Moreover, assemblies that have a long delivery time or are high-priced should be under "observation".

I always say: Let's get specific! In an online seminar, we show how our digitization solutions work using a simulated packaging machine. Our system is based on three pillars: monitoring, remote service and analysis. Together we check which components make sense for the respective task. After the seminar, the customer knows exactly what his solution could look like. 

We offer a kit with the necessary hardware. All components are pre-assembled and our customer can install them on his packer by himself. It’s very uncomplicated. After clarifying a few detailed questions such as the type of connection, we adjust the settings via Remote Service. Of course, we train all users in another online seminar. Then we’re ready to go!

QUAT²RO® Monitoring 

Watch this video; this is how it works!

Keep your business running with

QUAT²RO® Monitoring

In times like these, when our working hours may be restricted to protect one another and our mobility is basically limited, modern technology can help. To keep your packing line safe and performing, we want to support you digitally with our QUAT²RO® Monitoring. Simply call us and we’ll ensure that you can use the system for 3 months free of charge! *

· real-time status analysis
· permanent condition monitoring of the packaging system by measuring physical parameters
· optimized OEE
· Pioneer for predictive maintenance
· from real-time monitoring to proactive maintenance
· all maintenance intervals at a glance

· reduction of downtime
· cost reduction
· safe data transmission and data storage
· better understanding of the machines and your complete line
· increase of machine efficiency and safety
· plan better and save more!

Head of Support:
Klaus Siewecke, +49 (0) 2522 30 614 or k.siewecke@haverboecker.com

Technical QSM:
Andreas Hansow, +49 (0) 2522 30 694 or a.hansow@haverboecker.com

Commercial QSM:
Dennis Friemel, +49 (0) 2522 30 8387 or d.friemel@haverboecker.com

QUAT²RO® System Monitoring

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